For the recovering individual, Onala provides a convenient facility in which its members from all walks of life, join together with companionship and under-standing to help smooth out the rocky road of rehabilitation. Located in the West End of Pittsburgh at 1625 West Carson Street, just one mile west of Station Square. Members and patrons work together during that most critical phase of recovery; life after hospitalization for detoxification and/or treatment at a Rehabilitation Center.

Our Mission is to provide the community with a facility that offers an environment of recovery from Alcohol, Drug and other addictions through Education, Social Interaction and Fellowship.

Program Objectives

• To provide a social environment which is free of drugs and alcohol for people who are in various stages of recovery.

• To provide an atmosphere free of "peer pressure" to use drugs and alcohol.

• To enhance the spiritual, social and economic welfare of the recovering community of Allegheny County.

• To educate its members and prospective clientele on the disease of addiction.

• To provide programs, activities and a meeting place for its members,their families and associates.

• To provide a central meeting place where recovering people in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area can go for human support when needed.

• To provide the out-of-town recovering person a drug and alcohol-free environment.

Onala is an abbreviation of Alcoholics Anonymous, spelled backwards, AlAno. This was done to protect the anonymity of its members. 


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