ONALA - A friendly place where recovering individuals help each other.

ONALA Closed!
Due to rising Covid 19 cases. 
We will resume Phase 3 operations on Monday
December 7, 2020.   
A Special Thanks to : Staunton Farm Foundation for their  generous support during the final days of our renovation.

For the recovering individual, Onala provides a convenient facility in which its members from all walks of life, join together with companionship and under-standing to help smooth out the rocky road of rehabilitation. Located in the West End of Pittsburgh at 1625 West Carson Street, just one mile west of Station Square. Members and patrons work together during that most critical phase of recovery; life after hospitalization for detoxification and/or treatment at a Rehabilitation Center.


While some recovering individuals can resume a normal life with the help of Recovery Programs alone, others feel the need for companionship in a social environment created by persons who have mutual problems. Onala is a non-profit organization and the oldest of the few permanent facilities in Pittsburgh to fill this vital role in the recovery process. It is just one of the many Onala Clubs located in major cities throughout the United States and is one of the largest facilities of its kind on the East Coast. An estimated 1600 persons use Onala each week. It is open during the day and the evening every day of the week.

Onala is an abbreviation of Alcoholics Anonymous, spelled backwards, AlAno. This was done to protect the anonymity of its members. 


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